Thursday, July 11, 2013

11 Ways to Know This VBS Is Not a City VBS

You’ll know this VBS is in the country (and not the city) when . . .

1. out in the parking lot at the end of the first day, one of the volunteers hands another her (yes, her) repaired chain saw

2. when the imaginary walk for the pre-schoolers imagines hunting deer

3. when the church parking lot is filled with pick-ups, SUV’s, and not a single van

4. the pre-schoolers can identify the fresh veggies blindfolded by touch and smell

5. the leader gets a right-out-of-the-garden head of cabbage left over from class as a take home

6. doing a circling prayer that requires you know where N, S, E, and W are even when inside is no problem – because most folks always know N, S, E, and W without thinking much about it

7. you do a story about peacocks and swans and the kids know what they are and also already know that peacocks can’t fly and at least one of the kids will be able to say, “we used to have peacocks” and be telling the truth

8. at least one of the kids is covered head to toe with scabs from scratched mosquito bites from being outside from sunrise to beyond sunset

9. feathers for the swan craft were gathered not from Michael’s, but from a neighbor’s turkey house and have to be chloroxed to get the skin off

10. at least one kid won’t be able to come because she has to walk her fair calf every evening

11. a Miss Wilma (who does not attend this church) drops off cookies for the kids (there having been a minor rebellion over the pastor’s decision not to provide snacks this year) and everyone (a) knows who Miss Wilma is and (b) the grown-ups are crestfallen that there aren’t enough for them too

Yep, it’s VBS in the country and it is good.

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