Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Lie that Hid the Surprise

Down on one knee, this self-described most country of country men beheld his wife of 30 years and in front of us all, with tears in his eyes, asked her to marry him again.  Of course she said yes.  Of course they did.  And even the skies cried their tears of joy.

It was raining.

Friends brought dishes and the bride herself had a couple to contribute.

Rings (hers resized because of her illness) were exchanged.

Kisses and speeches were had.

And blessings pronounced, although that hardly mattered.

And confession was made, because his conscience would not rest easy until, with more tears, he apologized for the lies that hid the surprise.  Even in the joy he planned for her this day, it broke his heart to lie to her.

In her quiet smile lay the assurance of his pardon.

Life being lived.

And God smiles.

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