Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Came Too Late for Your Good Times

I hear you tell
of the good old
days – not so
long past that I
couldn’t have
been there myself . . .

the days when parties
were had and friends
were visited and lives
were touched and the
young were taught and
care was given and life
was good and

I realize
I missed it all
for I came too
late to all your
good times

and all you and I
are left with are
dreams of memories
past that we did not
share because I came
too late


Postscript: Written when I was particularly struck that I had missed the many good times the folks at the church I serve have experienced as part of their past.  Last night, a group of us played bridge together and I had to laugh as I thought there will come a day when we will say together, “Remember when we used to get together on Monday nights and play bridge?  Remember that time when . . .?”  Past might be prologue, but it’s also wrapped up in present and future.  And so it goes.

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