Wednesday, July 10, 2013

VBS Day 2

Bread made by 3, 4 and 5-year olds (with a whole lot of help from Caroline) - awesome
Peacocks and swans from paper plates – I love the versatility of paper plates and the mind that could behold that simple white circle and see a beautiful bird
Food bank procession of cans – one of the sweetest things I’ve seen as little ones reminded moms and dads to bring their cans and placed them gently, ever so gently in the tub so other people can eat tonight
The sheer joy of running and playing and laughing and being with other kids
Me - “what did you learn tonight?” Braiden - “Jesus!”   Love that wee boy!
The big kids helping the little kids – kindness
One bleeding lip and one cry for mommie – crises met with love and first aid and mommie’s arms
Austin jumping out of the van and shouting his excitement to me that his young cousin came too – and taking care of her each step of the way
Sitting bathed in the night sky with a friend when it’s all over while her daughter makes us laugh and ponder when we last jumped for joy as Maggie jumps and jumps and jumps some more, managing in the middle to sit for a quiet moment and hear the water and the sheep settling down for the night – one lone fellow (young, I imagine) determined not to let sleep overtake him just yet

Another good day.

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