Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Reveal

I watch the redolent splendor
the luxury of sleep merging
into wakefulness back into
sleep - the gift of the one who
has nowhere to be at no particular
time – and observe as the satellite moves
across the dawning sky like a north
star in a March Hare kind of hurry
exiting stage right beyond the
picture-frame surround of the
double-paned window, a diptych
homage to the beauty of an emerging
daylight against the constancy of the
ridge line of mountains whose features
remain otherwise indistinguishable
in the still mostly-dark shadows of
the dawning and adore the rose-red
thread of color that expands and expands
into the sky like peek behind the curtain
a proud God pulls back, slowly, ever
so slowly, the magician child proclaiming
to the gathered and expectant family,


  1. Absolutely love it!! Aaahhh.. to be able to wake to such beauty!

    1. Marilyn - I get a daily gift that way, but this was even more special at a retreat center in VA - what a gift to have spent time there!