Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dangerous is the Color of My Anger

Dangerous is the Color of My Anger

here I am again
having to put on the 
body armor 
yet again
before I travel outside myself
lest the slings and arrows catch me
and I become foolish

do not be misled
I am a pacifist not because
I am good
or because I walk 
such a superior path – 
far from it
I am a pacifist 
(more accurately 
an aspiring one 
or better a lapsed one)
because I know oh-so-well
the violence 
that dwells 
within me
and I would not 
do you harm

weapons are bad things 
in the wrong
(are there any
right ones?)

mine are most definitely 
the wrong hands
my weapons are words
and I know how to use them
with the precision of a surgeon
and the detachment of a serial killer

I continue to wrestle
the angry monster
and she is me

thus far does the weaponry
remain safely in the armory
of my mind

sore provoked,
I withdraw
into silence –
the only safe space
I know to protect
you from me –
and ponder
first things –
important things –
God things –
and recall not
who I am
but who I am
called to be

it will have to do

1 comment:

  1. Shoot your anger-powered weapons at god...then like in the gaza strip you may be ready for a truce....