Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Don't Know How, but I Can Try

I am learning to play the cello.        

Or maybe it’s better to say the cello is learning to play me.

It is the instrument that is my body that is the ‘problem’.

Just when I get this thing lined up to my ear and my back straight and my thumb and fingers on the left hand positioned correctly, and my knees holding the cello just so, my right hand forgets entirely what it’s doing and the bow goes up and down instead of sideways, which, trust me, ain’t pretty!  Or the right hand gets the bow going just right and the left hand slides down the neck and the screech sound is like nothing you’ve ever heard on the planet and never want to.

Whoever said a 56 year old has any business learning to play the cello anyway?

I did.

And I am loving it.

Loving the rare moments when sound turns to music . . . loving that it is my body and not my mind that must do the ‘work’ . . . loving learning . . . loving with new ears the classical music stations on the radio . . . loving the ritual of the care of the instrument . . . loving being a student, knowing that I have much to learn . . . loving the graceful humility of I don’t know how but I can try . . . 


  1. I took cello lessons for one semester in junior high school (until the family moved), and remember well the challenges! I now have a grandson who plays cello remarkably well. (My dream come true!) I applaud your efforts. You are never too old to learn something new. Ahhh, and such a beautiful instrument you've chosen! It matches your beautiful soul..

  2. Marilyn, Here's hoping the beauty & music continue in both our lives! Thanks you for your uplifting comments. They nourish my soul. Beth

  3. There is nothing more scared than when the notes you play become something more than notes. Just like when the prayers you pray are no longer just words but a converstaion with God. Music is a unique relationship between you, the instrument and God- for some it comes easy for others it takes practice- but when those moments come- "when sound turns to music"-- Rejoice and dwell in that time and space

  4. Melissa - I absolutely love 'when sound turns to music' - have those moments in worship, but the thought that what my hands are doing can help bring such a moment - wow - can't wait! Thanks!