Thursday, November 3, 2011

McDonalds Edits the World

This morning I checked into CNN's Belief Blog - just one Christian in the sea of "internets" hoping to find something of interest.  And I did, but not what I was looking for . . .

I clicked on the link for 'editors' to see who was administering the blog, which took me to the same page, but with a side box on the right about the editors of the page.

As I began to read, an ad for McDonalds popped into the box!

Who knew McDonald's had become the world's editor-in-chief?

Now CNN is a corporately-sponsored ad-supported organization; it's not church.  I know that.  But somehow, I found myself surprised and more than a little appalled when trying to enter my day with thoughtful reflections on faith to find instead the encouragement to eat a hamburger.

The golden arches might seem like heavenly haloes to some 4-year-olds I know, but they are not the parentheses I would hope for on any day, with all due respect to the fast-food giant.

But not to worry - if McDonald's bothers you, wait long enough and you'll get to see another ad, this time, from American Airlines.

Maybe the Belief Blog is trying to tell me that if I have but faith, I can fly!

That's me today, looking for faith in all the wrong places.

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