Monday, November 7, 2011

How Can We Believe That?

How can we believe that?!?    
The question 4-year-old Rowen asks his mother continues to make me smile.

Viewing a spider close up, Rowen noticed it only had two eyes.  Pointing out what was to hm an obvious flaw, he pronounced in what I’m guessing was his best imitation of a grown-up, This spider only has two eyes!  How can we believe that?

Turns out spiders are supposed to have four pairs of eyes!  Spider Eyes

I am now in the enviable position of learning from, as well as being amused by, my grandson.  If I ever knew about spider eyes, I’ve long since forgotten.  Thus Rowen’s discovery sends me traipsing Wikipedia and learning about spider eyes.

It’s always a good day when you can spend time contemplating the mysteries of spider eyes and such.

And when you’re 4, it’s always an interesting day when you discover the exceptions to things.  Most spiders have eight eyes, but this spider only has two.

Knowing the rule, the child doubts the spider.


  1. At age 4 i asked god for what i wanted...... which was my version of the sunday school teachers description of prayer.....When i did not get what i asked for i decided god was like the tooth fairy...something grownups made up...i was an adult before i figured out god was the name of something i had always known about....luckily the world goes on whether we believe in it or not....i am very grateful that god waited for me....i now pray for some measure of that kind of patience while we wait for all the world to see the love of god i am so grateful to finally have identified. Ann

  2. God so often waits on us & lucky indeed are we that the world continues w/o our 'belief' in it!

  3. We can learn, and see so much through four-year-old eyes.