Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Syria: When Eddie Prayed

So Eddie prayed
and today the Russians
(very tentative)
allies of thought
with the likes of 
John Kerry and
Hilary Clinton
Assad himself

seems there might just
be an alternative –
a peace way –
of coming to resolution

and all can claim victory
even the US can claim
(as Mrs. C already has)
that it was the very threat
of force that brought
about the possibility
of peaceful resolution

so you say, Hilary
and for this day
that’s good enough

but not really – for
the warp and woof of
cause and effect are
not so clear as even one
single thread in a
tapestry of events

it will do for today
this claim of victory
if it gets us there
it'll do

but how do you know
it was not the threat
of force
but Eddie’s prayers in 
the night?

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