Saturday, September 21, 2013

In Theater

Another language funny . . . the time in Scotland, doing pastoral visitation at the local hospital as part of my church internship training, when I thought “theater”  was a fuzzy old woman’s misplacement of her location in time and place, instead of understanding that she referred to her roommate’s impending surgery, she having requested that I pray for her roommate, who was on her way to ‘theater’.  When I replied, I hope she enjoys the show, you can only imagine the confusion on her face – which had nothing to do with her age and everything to do with a silly American intern’s inability to speak English.

I’m heading soon to Texas – with some trepidation, I confess.  Texas is just so . . . other . . . to my life experience.  And then there’s the language thing – will they understand me?  I them?

Who knows – but it’s sure to be an adventure.


  1. Don't judge Texas by our politicians!

    Y'all have a good time now, ya hear?