Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Swath of Song


moving through the swath of song
that are the crickets of the nighttime
I bring silence in my wake
each stopping at my approach
courtship – such a private thing



walking into the night
away from the temporary
city light feel over the fence
at the fire department 
quickly do I leave the light
feeling behind entering into
the cocoon of darkness 
blanketing this space, this
time I call home

it is dark, but it is not quiet
as the cricket boys practically
scream their desires into the night

until, that is, I approach,
when silence happens
so sudden it’s like a switch
has been thrown

and I pause at each wave of silence
smiling a smile no one can see
waiting to see if cricket boys will
be fooled by my stillness into 
resuming their song

they’re not
as long as I stand
they watch with their 
night goggles firmly in place
waiting for me to leave

courtship – it’s such a private thing

now that’s a country song


[not sure which I like best.  What do you think?]


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