Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hands Aloft

One of the coolest parts of my pastor job is blessing – the language and posture of conveying God’s cherishing . . . bestowing . . . graceful and grace-full . . . God-Word of love and well-being.

Celebrating their wedding anniversary, I am reminded of my step-daughter’s wedding day, she and her husband-to-be-who-now-is side by side, facing each other with the setting sun behind – and there, in one photo, am I, lodged between sun and couple, hands uplifted and curved into the embrace that is blessing.

In that picture-captured moment lie all the best hopes and dreams we who surrounded them had and have for them.

I hope I remembered that day to bless them with the ability to fly. . . to soar above the every day now and again . . . to hold tightly and loosely all at once . . . to be able to see beyond the crisis or doldrums of the next moment into an infinity of love and grace . . . to know that together they can achieve heights neither could without the other . . .



  1. You did bless us that day...not only with the ability to fly, but also with your love, compasion and ability to tell the story of us to the people that matter the most.
    As we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary, we remind each other that we are still those two people that stood in front of God that day, ready to take on the world - together! Two puzzle pieces that could only fit one another and ready for the next challenge. We celebrate another year and ultimately are blessed with the company of those same friends and family who also wish us well in our journey of marriage.

    Thank you for your continual love, hopes, dreams and of course your blessing for the both of us. You are truly one of a kind and we love you.


    ps- we love that photo as well.

  2. Chris, thank you so much - just for being you - what a blessing to me that day that we became family. Hugs & love. Beth