Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Most Days It's Just Amazing

In semi-sleep, I dream of Jesus and me.

We’re sitting on a bank.  There’s water (isn’t there always?).

I look at Jesus and sigh.

He, an adult man with a hunter’s beard (short and shaggy), looks back quizzically.

I answer the unspoken question: “I’m sorry.  It must suck to be you.”

He gives a half smile and answers, “Some days.  But most days it’s just amazing.”

Somehow I get that.

But then he goes on, “Must be the same for you.”

Surprise moves into the solidarity of our shared human-ness as I realize he’s right.

Some days it sucks to be me.  But most days, it’s just amazing.

May you be blessed with the amazing-ness of you.

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