Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent Reflection: Look out, Cleveland, here we come!

That’s right – Cleveland.

My son & I are lobbying the family to consider spending next Christmas in Cleveland – Cleveland, home of A Christmas Story – there’s actually a museum.

And, Ben points out, we will absolutely have to eat our Christmas dinner in a Chinese restaurant.

Does life imitate art?  You be the judge – if you catch a family of very silly people laughing a lot in a Chinese restaurant somewhere in Cleveland who aren’t Jewish next Christmas, you’ll know it’s us.  Come and join in or just keep walking – either way, we’re good.

Oh, how easy it is to forget the joy of childish things.

Thank you Advent, for reminding me that the joy I await can be silly as well as serious, light-hearted as well as fraught with meaning, and filled to the very brim with the laughter of anticipation.

So look out, Cleveland – we are coming!  Count on it!

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