Friday, December 28, 2012

Cliff Nonsense: A Fiscal Farce

Fiscal cliff – really?

A fiscal cliff is a family facing foreclosure and loss of a roof over their heads.

A fiscal cliff is hospital bills more than can ever be paid in a lifetime and worse, the delay of treatment for want of the cash – and yes, it still happens today.

A fiscal cliff is no food and no means to get any – the pictures from sub-Saharan Africa are real-time capture of real-death happening before our eyes.

A fiscal cliff is tent-living in a refugee camp, relying upon the kindness of strangers in UN t-shirts we of the US are no longer interested in funding because of politics.

A fiscal cliff is no treatment for your mental illness because no one cares enough.

A fiscal cliff is telling ourselves the Great Lie that we care too much rather than too little as we turn away from the images on our televisions, convinced we can do nothing, secretly knowing that we can do much, but have not the will to do it.

Congress and the President ‘balancing’ a fictitious budget a fiscal cliff?

Give me a break.

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  1. I love this post. I love all your posts, actually, but this one is just so passionate and sensible and outraged and ... well, I finally got all caught up on reading blog posts and needed to comment. I also want to wish you and your mother well as she continues to heal, and you continue to help her heal. All the best for the new year.