Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Travel Plans

Like most things in life, travel plans must be flexible, subject to change – the stress of unmet expectations is just too much to bear otherwise.

And sometimes, as a very wise and wonderful friend once told me, my job is simply to

get in the car 

(and let everything else take care of itself).

So today, in anticipation of a trip going not quite according to plan, I’m going to steal an idea from Highlights magazine and make my grandson a book of states so he can put stickers on where he’s traveled to already and look forward to where he has yet to go.

It’ll be cooler coming home-made from Gran than a professionally organized and printed book.

[Uh-oh – voices of gift recipients past are echoing in my head . . . (fake smile) Oh – another home-made gift from Beth . . . thanks . . . ]

Well, it might not be cooler.

But it will be from me.

And maybe he won’t know the difference.  Or maybe he will and that'll be all right too.

Better get busy.

It’ll be time to get in the car soon.

And who knows what will happen then?

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