Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Memories of a Three-Year-Old

It’s July in the mountains, which means it can be hot or it can be cold. . . it can be sunshine or it can be rain . . . often on the same day – you just never know.

But it’s July in the mountains, so with great hope and anticipation, having forgotten for the moment the vagaries of long winters, we come outdoors and we garden and tend and visit and plan . . . and God smiles.

So it was on Sunday – with a confidence I did not feel, in answer to daily inquiries, I kept to the plan – yes, the Carnival will go on . . . yes, I know they’re calling for thunderstorms and hail . . . we’ll just wait and see . . . yes, bring the bouncy castle . . . yes, unless it’s storming at the time, we will go on.

To plan in the mountains requires the memory of a three-year old, like my buddy Braiden – you have to be willing to simply believe in your plans and keep moving until you can’t.

It tickles me beyond measure that Braiden was looking forward to the carnival, having come to the last one
and having had such a good time – who knew that when you’re three, you can actually remember what happened when you were two?  But Braiden does.

So he was sure there would be a carnival – because we had one last year and Beth said we would have one again this year – and that was good enough for him.

It’s such a gift – having your word be taken as true by one so small.

So it was that the skies parted for a time and the sun shone on our little carnival.  Did God part the skies for a little country fun?  Or was it just the right time in God’s scheme for such a thing?

All I know is that it happened and Braiden was glad because he remembered and it was every bit as good as he knew it would be.

And if it had rained?  If it hadn’t happened?

Oh well – those things happen.

How is it that three-year olds understand so well?

I wish I knew.  All I can do is say thanks to Braiden and Kaden and all the little ones who look forward in faith always with the ability to take disappointment in stride when the rains come.

Maybe that’s what Jesus meant when he spoke of coming to him like a little child – with hearts filled with faith whether the sun is shining or the rains are pouring. . . saying yes even when you know your yes may be turned in to a no by things beyond your own control.

I like to think so.

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