Friday, May 9, 2014

My Misreads Continue

WHAT I READ Susan Philips shared a blink
WHAT IT SAID Susan Philips shared a link

WHAT I READ You can always massage me
WHAT IT SAID You can always message me

WHAT I READ . . . really appalling story . . .
WHAT IT SAID . . . a really appealing story . . .

WHAT I READ Prayer of Confusion
WHAT IT SAID Prayer of Confession

WHAT I READ Nacho man . . .
WHAT IT SAID Macho man . . .

WHAT I READ Thou shalt teach thy children how to thank
WHAT IT SAID Thou shalt teach thy children how to think

WHAT I READ Jesus embroiled the love of God in the world
WHAT IT SAID Jesus embodied the love of God in the world

WHAT I READ Afraid you’re praying too much?
WHAT IT SAID Afraid you’re paying too much?

WHAT I READ What would the me be?
WHAT IT SAID What would the theme be?

WHAT I READ Alcoholism is a family business
WHAT IT SAID Alcoholism is a family illness

I love the idea of sharing a blink with Susan . . . getting a surprise massage via FB . . . thinking of a man as a food group . . . thankful children . . . a Jesus embroiled in all the things of life . . . not so much the family business being alcoholism, but hey, even that gives me a giggle on an otherwise unfunny thing . . . and my prayers are as often confusing as confessing . . . and I had to wonder why anyone would fear praying too much (certainly not my problem, is it, Lord?) . . . and ‘what would the me be?’ – that one doesn’t even make sense – but it made me laugh at the time.

So who’s to say these were misreads after all?

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