Sunday, May 11, 2014

I am not Anne LaMott and I love Mother’s Day

Just because everyone can’t be a mother does not mean that no one should be or that no one should be honored – that’s like saying we should all get presents on your birthday – really, can we not honor those who are the thing without making it be about how we or those we know are not the thing?  Can we not, for a change, be glad for someone else’s joy without it becoming our sorrow?

Didn’t have a good Mom?  I get that – but you know what?  I bet there was someone in your life who mommed you.  Or someone in your life that you mommed.

What I like about Mother’s Day among so many things is that Anna Jarvis, resident of my home state, one single person, lived in a time when one person could make something happen – perhaps we still live in such a time although it can be harder to see.

So I love Mother’s Day because

1. It reminds me how blessed I am to have and have had the one I do

2. I love home-made cards from the little ones in my life past and present – they rest in my treasure spots all over the house and sometimes on the wall

3. Full employment – when I get cynical that it’s all about making some money for the card and flower and chocolate industries, I think so what – those folks need jobs too

4. A reason, even if an artificial one, to get together with family

5. I don’t know about you, but there aren’t many celebrate me days in my life, so I want to hold on to all the ones I’ve got

6. Did I mention that the woman who started it all came from my home state?

7. In my church (and I don’t think we’re alone in this), we speak of church as family all the time, so Mother’s Day becomes a day to celebrate all the women of the church who are all mothers, spiritual if not biological.  Same with Father’s Day.

8. In addition to cards, I am right fond of flowers and chocolate.

9. Did I mention my great Mom?  Yeah.