Wednesday, May 28, 2014

20 Interesting Things About Being a Preacher

What I’ve gained in this journey of becoming a pastor has been sometimes funny, sometimes mean, sometimes touching beyond words, sometimes startling.  It's always interesting to see ourselves as others see us.  As their pastor, folks have an ownership interest in me that was lacking back in my law days (nobody much cares whether their lawyer colors her hair or likes or does not like fish, trust me).

So what have I gained?  Well . . .

1. Friends

2. Travel to new and interesting places

3. Learning

4. Measures of kindness large and small

5. Free meals – lots of free meals

6. Respect and disrespect

7. Confusion and clarity

8. A whole host of new enemies

9. Experiencing what it’s like to be a social pariah (people no longer think I’m fun at parties – who knew?)

10. A veritable photo album of memories of holy-ground moments

11. A very interesting network

12. Strangers taking an acute interest in all that I do

13. Being thought both foolish and wise beyond both within me, often at the same time and by the same person

14. The ability to speak openly about Jesus and God and my affection for them both without embarrassment

15. People I can call and say, “will you pray . . .?” and neither of us thinking it’s weird

16. A really cool house – my folk are still manse people and I, for one, am glad

17. The tendency of strangers to rush to tell me why they believe or do not

18. Free-ranging discussions and heightened interest in my presence, my absence, my ‘real’ motives and what I serve my guests – hilarious

19. The acceptance or dismissal of my words because or merely because I am the preacher

20. People praying for me in ways I will likely never know

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