Saturday, January 4, 2014

What Shall I Carry Over Into 2014?

The practical things . . .
a home
a car to carry me from here to there
a telephone to carry our voices
food – we do not clean our cupboards come the new year – I wonder why
the computer – repository of so very much and so very little
      the cat and candles
      and me – for I am the same – mostly – today as yesterday

The necessary things . . .
love of and for
passion and compassion

The longed-for things . . .
time with friends
surrounding laughter
embracing warmth
a way to say the need-saying things

The things left behind making room for new things . . .
time wasted on past hurts past lies past time wasted
old dreams
stale bread – with regret, for I have no one to give it to, use it for
old grudges – I shall have to seek some new ones
the desire for how things might have been
heavy suitcases – this shall be a year of traveling light – or so I think
resolves – I shall either do or not do

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