Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Times

The best new thing (for me) just now happens to be hitRECord – wow.  I marvel at the creativity and community and the outcomes, like the making of a movie from the sharing of a young woman about the first time she saw the stars.  Moving from her story to the collaborative vision of that story from the hands, voices and hearts of thousands is moving from glory to glory.

Which led me to contemplate first times . . .

The first time I won something – when was it?

The first time I danced with a boy – I really don’t remember.

The first time I drove the car by myself – I stalled it on a hill and had to call my dad for rescue.

The first time I argued a case in court – strained by nervousness, my voice went so high I think it left the register of human hearing behind.

The first time I danced with a love in the London tube station – when the first time was probably the last too – ah, love.

The first time I cooked a Valentine’s meal – for my parents and my dad made a joke and 16-year-old me ran crying from the room, totally missing that teasing was how he showed his love.

The first time I made fudge without my dad – I don’t remember the time that was first, but they’ve all been sad for the missing.

The first time I rode my bike without help – dad then too – what a happy day.

The first time I wrecked that same bike – I don’t remember the first, but I do remember the wreck of wrecks – with ER visit and stitches and a milk shake reward for my bravery (aren’t parents generous?)

The first time I wrecked the car – well, someone wrecked into me and my mom was with me (isn’t it good to have your mom as your witness in court?)

The first and so far only time I said I do – even then I knew I probably shouldn’t.

The first time I lost a tooth, got my hair cut, cried, laughed, loved – all are lost in the fog of history to me.

The first time I saw my son walk, comforted him, sent him to the corner, hung his drawing on the frig, went to his school conference, watched him play soccer – they too are lost to conscious recall.

So many firsts constitute a life, most lost to memory, but most one of a whole series of moments remembered in a collage of living history.

I don’t really have a first-time story to share, but I’ve had more than my share of first times.

Grateful I am.


  1. Love the video. And your list of 'firsts' ----

    1. This is the video I was talking about on Sunday - it's just magic (well, and a lot of work and talent). Thanks