Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex: A Foolishness

I do not even like 
the sound of it
the feeling of
the words upon
my tongue
imagines itself
stuck to the pole 
of my own foolishness

it doth not bode 
well for we 
dwellers of land 
best kept from 
vortices of any 
kind, let alone 
the polar variety – 
no cute and cuddly 
polar bear plushies 
here in vortex world

that there is a name 
for it brings no comfort
we do not name that
which is not – 
there is no need
yet how can a not-ness

They know of the
whirling nothingness
of things
in the midwest
but I am of the mountains
where we eschew such
for winds are direction-
bound here in the heights
of things – they do not,
they dare not – wander
about aimless, for 
the mountains would quick
rebuke them
and right so
for who is the wind
non-thing thing
to do thus?
The mountains
and I would very
much like to know