Thursday, December 19, 2013

Where I Live (continues)

I dither and dither . . . do I want a tree or not?  Yes, I do, I decide, but then rescind the thought just as quickly thinking about the steps involved, defeated before I’ve begun . . . until yesterday, when I decide definitely I do want a Christmas tree.

I check the one place where I live that sells them and they’re out and not planning to order more.  But now I am determined. . . and short on time . . . so I call a few folk who might be able to help – no one home . . . and then I think to call Kathy and Johnny and it goes like this . . .

Me Hey, do you know where I can get a Christmas tree?

Kathy [conferring with Johnny] Johnny can run up the holler and get you one.

Me Really?  That’d be great!

Kathy We’ll bring it over in a little bit.

There was a bit more conversation than that, but the short version is that these friends just went up the woods and got me a tree and delivered it and set it up for me as well.

I hope I’m as good a friend to someone as Kathy and Johnny are to me.

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