Friday, December 20, 2013

Drop-In Days

Yesterday was a drop-in day . . . I stayed in pj’s and cooked all day while Kathy came to clean, Johnny to check out the tree . . . Melissa to visit (and check out the tree – she didn’t know that’s why she was here, but there was definitely tree-checking) . . . Eddie to drop off a card and speak of a friend who died . . . Dorothy to call . . . Lauren and Kane to drop off some pictures . . . Priscilla to bring a present of cookies and home-made hot chocolate mix (how cool is that?) . . . Ben to check in on travel plans and gift ideas and let me have speaks with grandson Rowen as father and son did some of their own shopping . . .

In my job, I spend a fair amount of time visiting others, but I confess I love drop-in days the best, when I’m at home busy with whatever I’m doing but not so busy that I can’t just sit with a friend and pass the time and hear the news . . . it’s an early Christmas present, this simply being with others . . . and yesterday was my turn.

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