Monday, December 9, 2013


From water to ice
sleet in between
to melt to vapor
the H20 of it all
does nothing in
and of itself –
the molecules
do not decide
to become one
thing then another

they are acted upon
and in the acting
become something
that is both self
and other than self

science and magic
all in one (or actually
in three – this trinity
of molecules that in
their threeness are
one who can be three)

today it’s the twoness
of the three that holds
sway in my world
the vacillation between
water and ice to water
again as temperatures
rise and fall and rise
again – the freezing a 
stop clock kind of thing
for we inhabitants of 
their larger world where
the multitude of molecules
look a complete whole 
in our regard – a sheet
of ice, we say – 

their communion into a
one from their many a
thing of wonder for we
are seldom so united
that our simple being
changes a world – ask
any tree what it is to
bear the weight of them –
those many molecules –
there is no separation,
no distinction – there is
merely weight and burden

I wonder whether the tree
ever considers the beauty
I doubt it – it’s hard to see
beauty when you’re bent
down from the weight

and I wonder if the ice
that is water in another
life ever considers the
cost to the tree of its
very existence – I doubt
that too – it is simply
being and in simply 
being, there’s not much
introspection – or so 
I suspect – who can know
the mind of a molecule
of water turned ice?

Not I


  1. What marvelous poetry, and insight, and introspection!

  2. Awww - thank you, Len. Best to you & Judy - I'm spending the day 'grounded' as the ice comes, melts, refreezes and just generally shows who's in charge. How are you doing? Hugs, Beth