Friday, August 9, 2013

3 Deer, 2 Frogs & 1 Happy Little Girl

[sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas]

Last night driving over the mountain, I encountered 3 deer and 2 frogs along the way – and all 6 of us survived the encounters. . . frogs jumping gamely across the road looking like rubber bands in super slow mo stretch – laconic is the word that comes to mind as I chuckle at their slow-quick pace.

One deer was just a brief sighting of hind legs disappearing up the mountain – how they do that remains a great mystery to me . . . somehow they’re made to traverse the world both perpendicular and horizontal.  Is it wrong to envy that ability?

The other two deer stood attention along the roadside as I swept by – old enough to understand the concept of a car, they steered clear and all was well.

I stopped to check in on young friend Katie, back from her hand surgery earlier in the day only to learn from her father that Katie was already across the road at her grandma’s.  A few seconds later, Katie came bounding back to her house, hand wrapped and bespeckled with bee tape (a bonus from the nurses and docs who attended her surgery), one pin in hand heavier than when she left home this morning, but otherwise none the worse for wear.

She didn’t show it much, but I suspect Katie was pretty nervous about the surgery – who wouldn’t be?  But with the gift of the young, she had already left that moment long behind by the time she and her parents got back over the mountain to home.

Life here was good yesterday for 3 deer, 2 frogs, and one happy girl (not to mention the one who got to be there for it all).

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