Friday, April 26, 2013

There's a War a-Comin'

Can you feel it?
The winds of war are in the air
no one yet bands together
to begin the songs of hope
and opposition that are the
sure signs that war is upon us,
but upon us it is

and this time, it’s name is Syria

and the Republocrats
and the Democans
band together
for war makes common
cause of us all (well, almost)

the case is making and made
righteousness walks the land
concern for brothers we do
not know the justness of whose
cause we cannot weigh become
our pole star

and I sit and wonder why
it is so much easier
so much more necessary
to kill those who kill
than to protect those
who would be killed

is it really so simple
that all the big boys and
girls can so easily turn
fodder into money? as they
align to arm one against the

do the reasons matter as we
align and realign and realign
yet again to wage yet another
blood bath in that part of the
world my own people call
the Middle where the only
centrality we can find is the
desire, the need, the rage,
to kill and kill and kill again?

I want to tell God we’re better than this.
Seems I was wrong – again.


  1. Your poetry is beautiful as usual even though your subject is so ugly. Please, God, let Beth be wrong about this!

    Peace and love,

    1. Marilyn,

      I join in your prayer - please, please, please, even as I listen to Mr. McCain proclaim that we now have the 'evidence' we need to arm one side against the other side armed by Russia and China and worry so that one voice can become many so, so very quickly. May it not be so, Lord God, may it not be so. Beth

  2. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer for peace.