Friday, April 19, 2013

My Top 12 Favorite Musicians

In no particular order, my favorite makers of the magic that is music:

1. Beethoven - what can I say?  A deaf man who ‘hears’ the way he did is not magic, but miraculous and always prompts me to wonder at where the music comes from.
2. Leonard Cohen - love his voice and his words
3. Lyle Lovett - same with Cohen.  And I love the stories he tells in song.
4. Emmy Lou Harris - she makes me cry
5. The Boss - anyone who can make a white t-shirt a fashion statement while singing the rhythms of your being has got to be on the list
6. Andrew Lloyd Weber - I’m a sucker for show tunes
7. Midnight Oil - music and politics - a powerful mix.  And to my kids, by the way, which one of you has my CD?
8. Jack’s Mannequin - songs written out of pain and sung with pathos
9. Bonnie Raitt - a gal who rocks
10. Willie Nelson - isn’t it obvious?
11. Johnny Cash - definitely an acquired taste of my old age, but what a fine, fine, wine
12. YoYo Ma - introduced me to classical music as fun

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