Saturday, October 20, 2012

Life is My Religion*

Not mine . . .

Life is my experience,
but it is most definitely not
my religion.

my life is how I worship
but it is not what I worship

I celebrate my life,
but I do not worship it.

I celebrate your life,
but I do not follow it.

Even the more amorphous but broader ‘life’
does not claim my allegiance – my allegiance
is to God – and thus do I honor, respect and
rejoice in life, because it is God-created

Life, wonderful life, finite
with an end-date
a wind-down-the-clock
out of or around which
I cannot see
for all of us,
and not just for me

I don’t spend much time
thinking about or even
talking about my religion –
my ways and means of
observing, celebrating,
co-creating, entering,
living into –
the reality that is God

God is the subject
as well as the object
of my worship

religion is how I go
about that

it’s the day-to-day
of it all
so maybe life actually
is my religion
my how-to
my show-and-tell
of the guy-gal I call

*FB friend Jim Palmer has a blog Life is my religion.  Jim posts many amazing photographs to accompany his FB posts.  They always catch my eye.  They are often accompanied by the simple one-line tag:  life is my religion.  My own reflection above was a literal journey of words, thoughts, movement away from and movement towards.  Here's where the journey took me:  whether life is or is not my religion, religion is not my religion - of that I am sure.  So perhaps life actually is my religion, my steps both towards and away from, God -- the ways in which I worship God, describe and enact my experience of and encounter with God.  I think Jim may be on to something.

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