Sunday, October 21, 2012

Being Friends with Jenny & Steve: Adventures from Robocall Land

I live in Highland County, Virginia, a predominantly Republican county in the western mountains of Virginia.  There are only about 2,300 of us in the whole county.  Maybe 1,000 of us will vote.

And thus it is with some amusement as well as bemusement that I answer my phone only to find that it is Jenny calling me – again – from the RNC.

Jenny sounds nice.  From her voice, I would say she is young.  I feel I am getting to know Jenny pretty well, as she’s called me about 5 times in the last week or so.  Sometimes we have dinner together over the phone.  Sometimes she catches me in the middle of work so I don’t have much time to give her.  Sometimes I’m out and Jenny just leaves me a message.  But more and more I wonder about Jenny and how she’s doing.

I admit I haven’t been a very good friend to Jenny – as soon as I hear her voice these days, I just hang up the phone.  Of course, I comfort myself that Jenny doesn’t know how rude I am – after all, it’s just a voice-recorded robocall.

But I do worry about Jenny – they’re working her pretty hard at the RNC with all those phone calls.  I hope her voice is okay.

And I wonder why Steve from the DNC hasn’t called.  Does he not like the mountains?  Does he think my friendship with Jenny means we can’t be friends too?  I hope not.

Maybe Jenny and Steve will meet some day.  Maybe they’ll fall in love like James Carville and Mary Matalin.  Maybe they’ll come to dinner and we’ll talk – really talk.

I’d like that.

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