Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wake Up!

The first bird I hear -- not the first to speak, surely -- this morning, is a lone goose, honking persistently into the quiet of sun newly risen, fog quietly leaving,

Wake up!  

Get up!

It's time to get moving!

We have flying to do!

The answer he receives is not from his own kind.

Perhaps it is a crow -- but if so, she's feeling awfully sweet and tender this morning.  Or maybe it is a starling -- more full-voiced than she has ever been.

Whatever the bird, Goose honks and Bird answers and nothing is resolved.

Each then flies their own way, Goose trusting the other geese to follow, Bird neither knowing or caring, knowing only that the flock will be there in the trees when she retires tonight.

What a wonderful way to begin a day.

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