Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Wish I Knew

From NASA's Mission to Geospace site

Heat & light
the sun shines
whether I
can see it
in the daytime
sky . . . or not

Is it faith to know this?
Or is it belief?
Is there a difference?
I wish I knew.

I read of young men
privileged in the 1880's
to live and work actually
inside ‘The Castle’ --
Smithsonian’s first
building –
and for an instant I dream
of that past life as if it were
my own – until I remember:
it couldn’t have been –
no girls, you see –
and the dream ends
on the trash heap of
impossibility –

The sun shines whether
I see it or not –
do the lights of the ignored
blaze forth whether we
acknowledge . . . encourage . . .
nurture . . . them – or not – ?
I wish I knew

it would give me hope

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