Saturday, September 29, 2012

All My Children*

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Jesus wasn’t merely making conversation on that walk to Capernum.  He was giving his verbal last will and testament to his children:

Listen to me; this is important. . . way more important than who gets Mom’s pearls or Dad’s shotgun. . . I’m leaving soon and there are things you need to know . . . Dad loves you . . . don’t ever forget that . . . don’t fight when I’m gone – there’s nothing to fight over – haven’t I always taken good care of you?  There’s plenty for everyone.  You’re all my favorites, so stop fighting about it and grow up.  Keep learning like you’re in school . . . keep loving like I’m your dad . . . keep trusting that I’ve got you in my arms . . . take care of your kids like I’ve taken care of you . . . and remember – they’re all your kids because they’re all my kids.

*Excerpt from last Sunday's sermon reflecting on Mark 9.30-37, where Jesus speaks of his own approaching death, the disciples' desire to be 'first', and children.  The whole scene reminded me of times when sisters and brothers fight over who gets what when their parents die, as if the thing somehow proves the love, the life, the bond, of the parent who has died.

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