Monday, November 3, 2014

The Car Talk Question I Never Got to Ask

Like so many, I have long listened to Car Talk on the radio and like so many, was saddened to learn of the death of brother Tom.

He had a great laugh and played the counter- to his brother with great aplomb and, one guesses, quite a bit of savvy.

They were fun together.  And who doesn’t need car advice?

Here, then, for you, Tom, is the question I carried for years without ever getting around to calling it in:

What car actually has the most of its component parts built in the USA?

My former law partner and I used to lease cars and would jump on the car circuit every two years.  Walt, a died-in-the-wool union man always looked for that built-in-the-USA identity as his first measure of a car’s value.

Even Walt had to admit, however, that with Toyota building cars in the United States and GM and others importing parts built in Mexico and elsewhere, it’s a tricky thing to carry out one’s decision to ‘buy American’.

I wish I had made that call.

Yet, somehow, I suspect it does not matter even one little bit to Tom.  Or Ray.

Thanks, guys, for the memories, for inviting us into a corner of your minds, and for teaching us some things along the way.

A fan.

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