Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jesus' Mountains

Mountains you walked – 
where I’m from we’d
call hills or bumps
in the road – with a smile – 

but the other mountains –
the ones of the topography
of the heart – those mountains –

how did you do it?
where did you find the courage
to even begin?

did you ever turn back,
racing down the scree
of their cruelties?

what stayed you?
where did the next step
come from?

what was it like
roaming the Himilayas
of our hearts?

these are my today questions,
but I’m supposing if you 
actually got here – to sit a spell –
they’d be quick forgot and we’d
just sit, chatting about nothing
and everything and it would
be a fine thing indeed
sitting as we are 
right in the midst of all those 

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