Monday, March 10, 2014

81 Years Isn't Enough Time to Tell a Life's Story

Cake – check . . . balloons – check . . . tiara – check . . . guests – check . . . moustaches – check . . .

and so it was on a sunny but cold March day that we gathered in celebration of 81 years well lived . . . to a soundtrack of Aaron Copeland and Carol King and Tony Bennett and Cyndi Lauper . . . and pictures spanning the Great Depression to the technological present . . .

a woman for whom the 1960's were defined not by taking to the streets, but by living out the making of a family one day, one scratched knee, one meat loaf, one dream postponed, one dream lived out, at a time . . .

with all the pictures and laughter and more pictures and music and more pictures and stories, 81 years just isn’t enough time to tell your story . . .

Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. Dear Daughter: Thanks for giving your mother the wonderful gift of a day filled with love and laughter with family and friends. This is my second attempt with a big thank you and hope this old computer accepts it this time.
    My first one was better but this old lady can't remember exactly what I said.
    Love, Your Proud Mom

    1. Thanks, Mom! for everything! Love you too, Beth

  2. Lucky you to have such a mother. And lucky Mom to have YOU for a daughter. And, oh yes - the best is yet to come! Congratulations.
    Love, Marilyn