Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Would a 3rd Grader Get Folks to Church?

She’d draw them a picture of her church and the smiling people there and proudly give them her picture to hang on their refrigerator to remind them to come when it’s Sunday

She’d grab their hand and pull them along with her so they could go meet Jesus with her

She’d tell them about the parts that for her are like recess, like when there’s candy

She would promise to stay with them the whole time so they wouldn’t have to be afraid

She would offer to share her own favorite musical instrument she gets to play during hymn sing so they could play too

She would show them where the chalk is kept for drawing on the sidewalk and take them outside so they could draw with her

She would make them a card to invite them to come, like it’s a party

She would tell them that it’s okay to talk out loud or get up and go to the bathroom any time they want in her church

She’d tell them about praying and share a time when she prayed and she just knows Jesus heard her and helped her and would promise that Jesus would help them too

She’d offer to have her mom or dad give them a ride

I think she might be pretty wise, that 3rd grader, don’t you?

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