Saturday, October 12, 2013

Artisanal Jesus

I’ve been having lots of misreads of late – those eye-to-brain glitches when somehow even context doesn’t save me, so that ‘paying’ becomes ‘praying’.  If there’s a neurological malfunction going on, I’ve got to say it’s the first one I’ve known with a sense of humor, as in the most recent misread:

I read ‘artisanal cheeses’ and hear in my head ‘artisanal Jesus’ . . . Artisanal Jesus?  What?  Really?  I actually make myself laugh aloud at that one.

Exactly what or who is an artisanal Jesus?

Is artisanal Jesus



Is artisanal Jesus for only the truly appreciative?  Is artisanal Jesus a boutique Jesus only for the select, in-the-know few (sounds a bit gnostic for my tastes)?

Is artisanal Jesus more flavorful than any other Jesus?

Maybe artisanal Jesus is actually made of cheese.

What would Buddy Jesus make of Artisanal Jesus?

What would an Artisanal Jesus action figure look like?  (I’m guessing pretty much like the figures we have in our imagining today, when robes and beards and sandals signify to the hopefuls a character of distinction, separate from the crowd).

All this meandering of mind brings me back to the original – artisanal cheeses – wondering whether a cheese made by hand is really better than one made any other way . . . whether the ways we’ve left behind are really worth going back to . . . whether I really want my cheeses to be unique and distinct from yours and if so, why . . .

So if you want to know what at least one lady preacher does for fun on a slow day, there you have it . . . artisanal Jesus indeed.

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