Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sapcicle Hunting

“I want to tell you what I saw yesterday,” said Laura* last night.  “You know where all the trees are down around Ramsey’s Draft?”


“Well, there were these amazing . . . well, I always called them sapcicles.”  


“Yeah – when the sap’s running in the maples and it gets cold again and where a branch has broken, little sap icicles form.  Sapcicles.”


“Yeah.  They were amazing.  There were so many.  It was beautiful.  I wish I’d had my camera with me.  But I wanted to tell you that when we used to live in the manse, we’d fight over who got the sapcicles.  They’re soooo good!”

“I can’t believe I’ve never even noticed.”  (Sigh)

“Well, if it gets cold again tomorrow, you should look for them.”

So I did.  I went sapcicle hunting today.  No luck.  Will try again later.  Still can’t believe I’ve never noticed, never reached out and tried a sapcicle.  Can’t wait for my first taste of spring.

UPDATE 2.23.13: No sapcicile sightings as yet.  Still looking.

Shout out to friend Laura LaPrade for introducing me to sapcicles.


  1. Can you freeze them (if you find any) 'cause I think I would like to try one!

    1. If I 'catch' any, will definitely put some in the freezer for you. Peace, Beth