Saturday, December 6, 2014

Advent Day7: The Keeper

Praise the Lord!  There is to be a census.  Many will come to our small town.  And that is always good news for such as me.  Business will boom.  At our local businessmen’s meeting just yesterday, down by the city gate, we laughed with glee calculating our profits, no small thing, for we are few and business is not good.

The wife and I are readying the rooms, making sure all is clean and prepared for our guests to come.  The rugs have been beaten.  Food had been laid in.  Bed ticks have been shaken.  Linens washed.  Extra blankets borrowed and put aside.  Even the stalls have been mucked and the animals given a rare cleansing.

All is sparkling and we are ready.  

Some have already begun to come, wanting to be sure to find a place to stay.  I pity the latecomers.  I’m the only game in town.  My one regret is that I don’t have more room.  These profits will carry us through the year.

The work of preparation largely done, the wife and I sit and dream about our guests.  Maybe we’ll have someone famous, a noble.  Even nobility must be counted.  Even nobility must have a place for its lofty head at night.

I wonder who will come?

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