Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let Us Be

Today, let us simply sit.

Letting go of worry.

Letting go even of hopes and dreams.

Letting go of letting go.

Let’s just sit.

And be.

In the midst of the sorrows and even the joys.

Let us be.

Which is different than the Beatle’s advice, “let it be”.

Let us simply be.

Take the week off from worry. . .
from fretting . . .
from planning . . .
thinking about . . .
stewing . . .

This week, let’s not . . .
‘work on’
anything . . .
Not even on letting it all go . . .
Whether the ‘its’ in our lives
stay or go . . .
Let us simply be.

Let’s just relish
our own created-ness . . .

Let us be.


  1. Thanks needed these words

  2. If only it came naturally, huh? That's something I definitely need to work on. Thanks. Maybe if I hear it enough, it will sink in!

  3. Patti, I'm with you - need to keep repeating basic truths to myself. But what I like about this is the 'permission' to do absolutely nothing. Not sure why I needed 'permission', but there it is.

  4. Why is it I always feel guilty when I'm not "doing" something. I long to be able to let it be and be at peace. Working on it cause I know God is in the quiet moments.

  5. Ginny, Isn't it funny how we 'work on' not working on it? I don't remember 'thou shalt be productive' in those top tens! So at least for this week, I'm pretty content not to work on a thing :-) Peace out, dear friend.